A.M. Mills has stories to tell...

Stories of heartache, passion and woe, mined from unlit memories and blinding devotion. There is space, vibration, tension and harmony. There are hints of past lives, wisps of something familiar. And although translated through the medium of rock’n’roll, A.M.’s devotion to craft always rings through with the resonance of one who holds constant vigil at the Tower of Song. There is no mistaking these stories are purely and singularly his own.

The unshakeable truths of sorrow and misery are woven into every line, acknowledging that we have all been there before, and may have even reveled in it. With years of writing, playing and collaborating in other bands, it is delivered with ease and grace. A.M. Mills knows life ain’t easy. Lucky for us, he knows how to share the misery joyously.

A.M. MILLS is Drew "A.M." Mills, Josh Cicetti, Patrick Marsceill, and Tracy Stanton.


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